Our Motto: All artwork has a story.

We are passionate about the art industry, but we don't think artwork has to be created by a Renaissance Master to be important.  We want to help share the stories of all artists, to catalog their creations for future generations. We believe in local culture, great and unusual people, and the spirit of creativity – and we aim to bring that flavor here.

Our Specialty: Real people.

Artwork Network is an unusual online marketplace. We don't have a "buy now" button, we have real people via email or phone.  Actual people who want to help you find artwork you love! We use cool technological tools – like digital placements and project pages – to help bridge the gap between the artist and the buyer.

Our Roots: Humble beginnings.

Artwork Network was founded in 2004, originally an "Art Rotation" business.  Alan Kircher, founder, was in the banking industry, and he saw the need to create a better liaison between artist and buyer that the traditional gallery model wasn’t fulfilling. Art Rotation helped local businesses get artwork on their walls with temporary exhibitions. While this is still a part of our business, our services have grown to further help connect artists and collectors. We are, as they say, growing into our name!