Jono Wright

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Jono Wright
New York, NY - United States




Wright's work explores the contradictory nature of the human experience and the ever-present capacity for psychological and emotional renewal. Using mimetic and non-objective approaches to painting, the work hovers between naturalistic representation and performative abstraction. Every piece goes through a tumultuous process of formation, deconstruction and final composition, the result of which imbues the work with a sense of having made a journey through the unknown.

His current work, the Intimate Immensities Series, draws on memories from traveling through the jungles of central Peru, the islands of the Pacific Northwest and his childhood in the forests of Colorado. In this way, the work embodies personal experiences and observations of these environments, resulting in work that is at once dreamlike and physical.


Jono Wright was born in Boulder, Colorado in 1978 and grew up within the American Buddhist community lead by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. Early exposure to Buddhist meditation and philosophy alongside classical artistic training from Elvie Davis, a master painter trained by a student of John Singer Sargent made a lasting impression on his work. His subsequent education included study at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Studio Art Centers International in Florence, Italy, the New York Studio School in Manhattan, New York, the Metropolitan State University of Denver in Colorado where he received his BFA, and the Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge Louisiana where he received his MFA.

He has exhibited internationally in the United States and Latin America, attended residencies at the Vermont Studio Center and Sachaqa Centro de Arte in Peru and is held in notable collections throughout the United States.