Maggie Rosché

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Maggie Rosche
Parker, Colorado - United States




Maggie paints mountain landscapes and native wildlife that offer a sense of healing and strength. Everyone has their own “Everest”. The mountains symbolize the hardships that people have had to overcome and conquer in their lives. It is a record of their personal journey and triumph.

Recently, Maggie is most passionate with painting Colorado mountain landscapes and wildlife.


Maggie has been creating art since childhood. It all began when she saw an oil painting by her father that was stored in the basement, gathering cobwebs. It was a portrait of a riverboat captain, her great-great grandfather, and the thick brushstrokes of paint were truly captivating.

Born and raised in St. Louis, Maggie graduated from the University of Denver with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Her paintings have been exhibited at the Denver Botanic Gardens, the Wildlife Experience Museum in Lone Tree, Boettcher Concert Hall, and Artists of Colorado Exhibitions. She is an Associate Member of Women Artists of the West.

Her art is in private collections, schools, and businesses from Los Angeles to Paris.