Meaghan Walsh

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colorado fall day #1 (original)
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colorado fall day #1 (original)

one of a kind
media: monotype

$200 - h: 30" x w: 22" - original

Sold to private collector.

My favorite season is fall. There is nothing like an amazing Colorado fall day when the aspen leaves are dancing at their golden peak. Every year, I hike the Colorado trails in search of beautiful fallen colored leaves. Fall 2002, I was inspired to gather bags of aspen leaves. I hand picked every leaf, pressed every single leaf for six months, varnished each leaf, inked each leaf. Wow, it was a process; however, when all my leaves were prepared to print I had an inspiring day in the printmaking studio. “Colorado Fall Day #1”
was the first print I pulled off the printing press. It is was important for me to create the perfect Colorado blue sky with magical golden leaves falling.

An artistic friend of mine purchased the original print at the Summer Art Market in Denver, Summer 2003. I loved this particular print so much, I had a hard time parting with my creation. So a couple days after the show, I called my friend to ask if I could borrow the art to have a professional print. At that moment, my line of aspen greeting cards were born.

This aspen leaf series took on a life of its own. These images and ideas were carried out in my amazing fall wedding 9/21/08 in Vail, CO. If you look closely you will see how I try to place a shape of the heart in every piece. As an artist, I want to share my love for art. If you are creating a fall wedding theme and need some suggestions shoot me an email, I would be happy to help. My husband Dan loves fall, my art, and loved our fall themed wedding using my art, and he loves me too!

© 2003 - meaghan walsh

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