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blue frida 2013
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blue frida 2013

blue frida 2013

one of a kind
media: acrylic, charcoal, mixed media, chalk pastel

$1,080 - h: 36" x w: 30" - original

Sold to private collector.

From the Laurie Maves Love For Frida Collection, a series of 12 portraits created of the Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo.

My work historically has been influenced by Picasso and Gauguin and most definitely Modigliani, but more recently by Frida Kahlo and Basquiat. Most of my work is figurative in nature, but my deepest focus has always been on color and texture. I use materials that build up the surface of my canvases so that the color can jump out at the viewer. This series was created on felted “tar” paper.

© 2013 - laurie maves

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