Silvana LaCreta Ravena

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brasil - acqua brasilis
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brasil - acqua brasilis

brasil - acqua brasilis

one of a kind
media: encaustic, oil, panel (wood)

$1,500 - h: 25" x w: 25" - original

Framed on float dark oak box, signature on the side.

Art with a Story:

“In the piece called “Acqua Brasilis”, I worked with areal photographs and maps of rivers in Brazil to reflect upon the complex role of water in my native country. Brazil is one of the largest reservoirs of water in the world. Nevertheless the country still suffers with draughts and water shortages due to bad administration, corruption and outdated environmental practices. The “Brasil Series” is a group of six encaustic paintings in which I work with thick layers of heavy textures to talk about my memories and my thoughts about distinctive places and characteristics of my home country, Brasil (the name of the country written with “s” in my native Portuguese).

© 2017 - silvana ravena

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