Cyncie Winter

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tanglewood light 2
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tanglewood light 2

tanglewood light 2

one of a kind
media: acrylic, canvas (cotton)

$250 - h: 18" x w: 18" - original

Sold to private collector in June, 2012.

Shining Forest Series

In the evening twilight, the setting sun shines through the forest below our home with gorgeous luminosity. As I sit there in the cooling green evening air, watching the play of light through the darkening trees, I am struck by the metaphor that light can shine through the deepest and darkest of times, and that it is important to cultivate faith in that.

Sitting in the forest below, I watch the warm fall colors dance around me, reflecting their warmth on my canvases.

May be sold as diptych with "Tanglewood Light 1".
($400 for both pieces)

© 2011 - cyncie winter

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