Scott Takeda

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Scott Takeda
Denver, Colorado - United Sates



I practice a quiet form of photojournalism. Take a look at my images and you will see ordinary life captured in extraordinarily candid moments. All of them are snippets of everyday moments that are transformed into something far more interesting when captured by the camera.

  These are not shots of disasters, sports celebrations, or protests – the usual images that fill your local newspaper or TV newscast. In fact, none of the images in this exhibition have anything to do with the news. But look at them. Study them. Feel them. And perhaps you’ll see why I think they are just as interesting.
I developed this quiet style several years ago as a young photojournalist while shooting for print and TV news outlets across the country. I was always the guy who didn't want to join the media circus. If I came to the scene of some news event and saw dozens of cameras all focused in one direction, I’d focus my camera in a completely different direction. Every once in a while, I'd miss the shot that told the story, but more often than not, I'd capture the image that no one else had – a quieter image that gave context and form to the story. That’s when I learned that the ordinary, even the simplest scene could be extraordinary.


Scott is a professional storyteller who works in several different mediums. As an art photographer, he recently received an invitation to showcase his work in Split Croatia; as a musician, he plays trumpet with several regional groups; as a director, he has five regional Emmys; and as a TV-Film actor, he's been part of the cast in "Gone Girl" opposite Ben Affleck, "Dallas Buyers Club" with Matthew McConaughey and numerous network TV shows including NBC's "Grimm" and ABC's "Nashville.


2015  Artwork Network, Artist Member - On-going
         Amazon Fine Art,  Limited Edition Prints – Worldwide

         Posh the Salon, Scene, Street, Story (Solo) - Fall 2015 

         Fotoklub Split (Croatia), Scene, Street, Story, Mark III (Solo) - Summer 2015

         The Idea Place Gallery, Scene, Street, Story, Mark III (Joint) - Summer 2015

2014  Blue Dot Studio, Scene, Street, Story, Mark II – Spring 2014

2013  Artwork Network, Scene, Street, Story (Solo) - Summer 2013

         Blue Dot Studio, Scene, Street, Story (Solo) - Spring 2013

2011  Artwork Network, Month of Photography (Juried) - Spring 2011

         Colorado Heights University Gallery, Denver - Winter 2011

2010  Lapis Gallery, Abstracts (Juried), Denver - Fall 2010

         From The Ground Up, Denver - Summer 2010

         Higher Ground Art Gallery, Golden, CO - Spring 2010

2008  Reed Photo Art Gallery, Denver - Spring 2008

2007  Higher Ground Art Gallery, Group show, Golden, CO - Fall 2007

2005  Vision of the Sacred Gallery, Sacred Visions (Juried), Detroit, MI - Winter 2005

         Capuvino Gallery, Self Titled (Solo), Denver - Summer 2005

2004  Vision of the Sacred Gallery, Sacred Visions (Juried), Detroit, MI - Winter 2004

         Den Gallery, Reflections (Juried), Denver - Fall 2004

2003  Reed Photo Art Gallery, Self Titled (Solo), Denver - Fall 2003


Emmy Awards: (2010, 2009, 2006, 1997, 1996)

Emmy Nominations: (2015, 2011, 2008, 2005, 1998)

Photographer of the Year – Ohio (1992)

Photographer of the Year – Idaho (1990)

New York Festivals International Television and Film Awards:

2013 – Bronze WorldMedal

2012 – Nomination

2011 – Silver WorldMedal

2010 – Nomination

2008 – Silver WorldMedal

2002 – Gold WorldMedal

2002 – Bronze WorldMedal

2001 – 2x Nominations

National Telly Awards: 34 national awards and lifetime invitation to the Silver Telly Council

(And various other local, regional, and national awards)



2015  Philosophy Communication – Six pieces from his 'Scene, Street, Story' exhibition