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Artwork Network is many things: an online catalog, art consulting, brick and mortar showroom, event center, art rotation program, and collection management. Our artists benefit from all our facets.

We utilize all forms of media (such as web, print, email, social marketing, videos, etc.) to get our artists' artwork in front of an art-loving audience.

Be Found

Whether tech savvy or not, by now you know the importance of having your artwork online.  But how do people get to you?  Make your art easy to find with Artwork Network’s in depth search engine optimization and keyword utilization.  When someone searches our site, your work will be right at their fingertips.  Added bonus?  It makes you more likely to be found on Google, too! 

Take a Vacation

Go ahead and run off to the mountains for some creative R&R.  You no longer have to worry about losing sales because you missed a call; Artwork Network has you covered.  Our office is open Monday – Saturday, and we're vigilant about checking voicemail.
  Plus, we take credit cards, which will make purchasing your artwork even easier.

We jury the artwork of every artist, and we ask questions that will really make you think.  But it's all online and it's certainly not timed.  We work with artists of all levels, so don't fret if you don't have the answers!

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We have three levels of membership to choose from: Entry, Basic and Pro. Our packages start at $15 a month, and vary depending on the amount of marketing involved and inventory size.

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Every artist page is created by a real person, who proofs your descriptions and asks questions.  We'll help you get the most of your membership by helping you identify your problem areas.

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We Make Happy Artists

"I was surprised to find that Artwork Network has a team working with clients to help him/her to find the best piece of art.  The client selects artwork online, and Artwork Network delivers the pieces to the clients home/office so that they can try out the work and select their favorite.  I've sold some pieces this way and would recommend Artwork Network to both artists and art lovers."

Ana Maria Botero
Artist Member Since 2009

"It has been my total joy to be associated with Artwork Network.  Alan Kircher and the entire staff  have created a professional, inspiring and supportive environment for artists.  Everything from  publishing the artist web page to booking commissions for shows has been handled in such a conscientious and courteous way.  I find that there is a continual effort on their part to better serve both the artists and the community.  I consider it an honor to be a part of such  a state-of-the-art organization and look forward to a long and successful partnership with Artwork Network."

Diana Tripp
Artist Member Since 2006

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