You can't find the right lighting.

Too dark?  Too light?  A big annoying glare?  We've seen all these offending photos before, and it's likely to make your clients skip right on by.  Sure, the original piece is a true work of art, but if you have to lug it around everywhere, it'll be a masterpiece full of dents and dings.  Wouldn't it be so much easier (and lighter) to have a nice, accurately colored photo?

You never seem to get the colors just right.

Fully documenting your work is important, not only for effective web marketing, but for insurance purposes as well.  We take several photographs of each piece, including a photo of the matt and frame (or finished/unfinished edges), close-up detail, and a photo of the artwork hanging on the wall to add scale.  These are all important photos to have, particularly when selling artwork on the web.

You're not sure what a pixel even is.

Worried about having the right resolution for the web?  Artwork Network's photography service takes the hassle out of getting your work web-ready.  We prep the photos for high and low resolution purposes, perfect for web marketing or a nice print in your portfolio.  It's a big benefit to our artist members, who don't have to supply anything extra.

Fully Documented

Cover all the details!  You'll receive these photographs for each piece:
    •  Up-close/Detail Image
    •  Full Image Without Frame/Matt
    •  Atmosphere/Scale (On a Wall)
    •  Full Image With Frame/Matt
 Perfect for Reselling

Capturing the details (and the artist's signature) is essential when reselling, appraising, or insuring your valuable collection.
Also check out Artwork Network's brokerage services!
 Affordable Pricing

Whether artwork is large or small, we can help! 
    •  $40 per piece (Max Size 4x4')
Quantity discount!
    •  $35 per piece with 5+ pieces 
Contact us at 303.388.7420 for questions or schedule availability.

Happy Artists

"I have been more than satisfied by the Artwork Network photography services.  The photography has captured the essence of my art on film, which can otherwise be difficult to
appreciate if not viewed in person.  The photos are quite pleasing.
P.S.  I mean it."

John Archard
Artist Member





"My artwork has grown in size and with that process a new problem presented.  How do I photograph 5'x5" artwork?  The best solution was to use the photography services of Artwork Network.  I received a professional quality CD ... What a time saver, and I'd rather spend that time creating in the studio.  Thanks for providing this valuable service."

Pat Isaacs
Artist Member 




No Ego Here!

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