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Make it Easy

Artwork Network Brokerage Listings are completely maintenance free.  For just $75 for an entire year, you can set it and forget it.





Make it Searchable

Let the listing do the work for you.  Relevant searches on the Artwork Network website or on Google will pop up with your listing.  Someone out there is looking for your art, so let them find it here!




Make it SOLD

We're equipped to run credit cards, collect sales tax, and handle your shipping woes. 


  3 tips to help sell your collection.


Good photography is key to presenting art online.  Clear imagery of the work, the artist's signature, and the frame help ease a buyer's mind.  Need help?  Try our photography services.

Knowing the value of the work is important both for you and the buyer.  Stumped?  Give us a call (303.388.7420) and set up a time to chat with our art appraiser.

We give you a professional listing with all the information and images organized and accessible. Link to to this page on Twitter, Facebook, Craigslist, etc to create extra buzz.

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