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Creative Gift-Giving

Our lovely, hand-crafted gift certificates aren't something that you'd find crammed on a department store display.  Available in any amount and customizable with your thoughtful words, this certificate will be as treasured as the gift itself.

Color and style may vary from pictured gift certificate.

For Friends & Family

Doesn't your one-of-a-kind someone deserve a one-of-a-kind gift?  Now you can give original artwork without memorizing decor or worrying about matching styles.  Artwork Network gift certificates allow for the thrill of finding and connecting to something special.  (But you still get all the credit!)

For Clients

Gift certificates for original art are perfect for real estate agents (designers, too!) who want to treat big clients with a something special.  This is the perfect way to close a deal, say thank you, and ensure repeat business. 


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