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Eva Behring

Lakewood, Colorado, United States


Artist Statement

"For me art is an expression of feelings and ideas, interacting with the world around me."
Born and raised in Germany, I went to college in what used to be east berlin. Although I didn't major in art, it was always my first love and after having raised my children, I started to paint in earnest in 1980.

I started out in watercolor, taking workshops and classes with well known artists like Chang Kee Chee, Judy Betts, Joan Rothermel, Carolyn Buchanan and others. Books were great teachers and through reading Maxine Masterfield, I discovered ink as a medium. Learning the basics from her, I have been on a wonderful voyage of discovery ever since. My work with inks, with its vibrant, glowing colors and unexpected inter-reactions and the abandon of the creative process brings me deep joy. Often, instead of using the brush, I pour my colors, let them mingle freely into accidental patterns, let their luminosity bleed into intense images; let them give form to my inner visions. I find my subject matter everywhere: in nature, myths, literature, while daydreaming. For me art is an expression of feelings and ideas, interacting with the world around me.

It is my intent to invite the viewer into that part of my world where I improvise in free play, transferring across styles and forms my longing for harmony and equilibrium. Only if I can let the viewer be part of my emotional involvement with my medium can I truly succeed
at my work.

I have won many awards and am a signature member of the Idaho Watercolor Society. My paintings have been included in juried shows and people in Canada, Switzerland, France, Germany, Sweden and Saudi Arabia own my paintings. Some of my work has been used in the design of covers for CDs, audio tapes and perfume packages.