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Francisco Gutiérrez

Aurora, Colorado, United States


About the Artist

Francisco Gutiérrez is a freestyle artist/musician whom enters a concentrated state when playing music reaching the spirit of the instrument as he speeds through corners rapidly painting an abstract musical picture. He creates visual symphonic masterpieces with his soul placing shapes in specific locations to form the hidden imagery that’s separated by the contrast of the lines. On his piece “Daoii Pierariru” Cisco uses a cubistic figurative composition to depict a mysterious woman in a hooded dress that represents the inner self of humans. His art is complex and detailed relating to aspects of life.

Artist Statement

Life is a tempo
Become One Universe
Happy times are to be well rested
El Pensamiento Mueve El Cuerpo


2001 Scholarship to Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design.

Gallery Representation

The hidden sectors of life.