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Krista Shiner

Denver, Colorado, United States


About the Artist

Information about Artwork Network artist Krista Shiner.

Artist Statement

Inspirations of flora and fauna, crystals, fossils, microorganisms and the various dynamic elements of nature fill each painting bridging realism with abstract expressionism. At their core they are expressionistic embodiments of chi. Each expressive line, space, color, form, texture has been thoughtfully placed within each piece in relation to the whole; whether an organic flower, a biomorphic microcosm or a geometric shape. Mixed materials become catalysts of energy transforming the canvas into the third dimension. The many qualities of nature and its ability to bend have blossomed representing the unknown energy that fuels nature and ourselves.


Metropolitan State University, Denver, CO. Bachelors Fine Art, painting emphasis. Spanish minor.

Universidad de Guadalajara
Spanish language immersion.