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We believe in the
potential of the art industry.

Artwork Network is passionate about bringing innovation to the art industry.

Our online platform creates a new idea of transparency and confidence in the market by providing sales trends, data, and educational information in order to demystify original art. The tools we offer help to organize and monetize one-of-a-kind creations while also promoting the socially conscious aspect of supporting and empowering artists with small businesses.

In 2004, banker Alan Kircher noticed a problem – artists were suffering from severe disorganization.

Initially conceived as a ‘Business Art Rotation’ company in Denver, Colorado, the mission was to help artists get their work out of the studio and into the community. Artwork Network continued to grow, opening a Fine Art Gallery in 2007. The industry continued to change, but the old problems were still there: no transparency, disorganization, and uncertainty.

It was difficult for the average person to understand the art market.

We realized the innovation we sought was inhibited by our brick and mortar limitations. After more than a decade (and a few shocked expressions), we decided to close the Gallery to focus entirely on the Art Management platform.

We took our 10+ years of behind-the-scenes experience to create a new kind of art management.

By focusing on providing transparency, sales trends, data, and educational information, we pushed for industry-disrupting changes. We are radically reshaping how we think about artwork – and we’re just getting started.

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