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  • Is my information secure?

    Artwork Network uses the industry standard in encryption and security practices. We take care to backup our data, even for inactive members. Our users have the ability to download and export their information at anytime for the added security of a local copy.

  • What happens if I cancel my account?

    Non paying members are restricted access to some advanced features of the Online Community. Your will never lose access to the content you have uploaded, and your artwork data will remain on Artwork Network in the event you decide to rejoin the community.

  • What happens to my personal domain if I cancel?

    If you have registered a custom domain with us, but no longer have a subscription, we will simply let the domain expire and drop off our account. At that point it is up to you to register the domain again on your own. If there is more than a month of time left before the domain's expiration, we will happily transfer the domain to another existing account.

  • Cataloging Artwork

  • (Artist) Why do I need to add "sold" artwork?

    The sold section allows our collectors to get a good idea of your selling history, a justification of your current pricing, and is good for insurance/inventory purposes. Because of this, a piece does not have to be sold through Artwork Network to be included in the sold section. We ask for the selling price and the month/year of the sale. Be honest! This tracking system will help you, too. You may also mark work as "donation" or "gift" so that your sales history is not skewed.

  • What happens to my artwork data if I cancel?

    Your artwork catalog is available to export so no data is lost. In the event you resubscribe at a later date, you can easily reupload your catalog information to the system.

  • Selling Artwork

  • How do I calculate shipping?

    For a general idea of how much shipping might cost, we suggest using shipping calculators available on shipping company websites.

  • Do I need to insure my artwork for shipment?

    Yes. Artwork Network requires tracking and insurance on all artwork you ship. If you have not insured the artwork and the artwork arrives damaged or is lost in shipment, you may receive partial or no payment for your sale.

  • What if I sell an item I have listed outside the Artwork Network marketplace?

    If you choose to mark artwork as available for purchase through the Artwork Network marketplace, we ask you to keep your inventory up to date. If you do not properly mark artwork as sold and it is purchased through our system, you may be charged any fees Artwork Network acquires as a result of reversing the credit card processes.

  • Buying Artwork

  • What if I see something I really love, but it's not the right size/color/etc?

    Not a problem! We can help you find the right artwork or assist with arranging a personalized commission from your favorite artist. Please use our Art Consulting Form to tell us more about the artwork and your space.

  • What if I need to see more pictures of the artwork I have picked out?

    If an artist doesn't have additional images, such as angles, close-ups or pictures of the frames, we are more than happy to track those down for you. Please use our contact form to ask any questions you might have.

  • What should I do if I receive a damaged piece of art?

    Call us (800.668.9522)! Often times any damage will be covered by the shipping insurance. We make every effort to resolve any damage situation in a timely manner.

  • Can I return a piece of artwork?

    Yes. Please see our return policy for full details on how to return a piece of artwork.

  • Business and Non-Profits

  • Can I catalog a Corporate Collection?

    Yes! Our system is very helpful for Collectors of any kind - large or small, personal or corporate. Upload pieces for insurance purposes or resale, track locations, and see overall value of collection.

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General Inquiries
For more information about the user subscription or other general questions, please use our General Contact Form.

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