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Amanda Stavast
Lakewood, Colorado, United States


About the Artist
Born and raised in Colorado, I have always had a desire to create. Led to believe it was the only way I’d make a living with art, I received my BFA from Colorado State University with a concentration in graphic design. Although I enjoyed the conceptual side of graphic design I really had a love for painting. In 2001 I started my own mural business and completed several pieces of work throughout the Denver metropolitan area. My work can be found in both business and residential properties and I’ve had my work featured in the Colorado Parade of Homes.

Although I am still commissioned for mural work and other pieces of art, I like to focus most of my energy and passion on creating pieces from my heart and mind.

I am a perfectionist. As far as my art goes, the more time that passes the more meticulous I tend to be with my work. I am trying to let some of this perfectionism go because it drives me crazy at times. One of my favorite quotes is by Leonardo Da Vinci and it goes “Art is never finished, only abandoned.” This really speaks to me because I feel this way with just about every piece I have ever created. It’s never as perfect as I want it to be so when the time comes, I just abandon it.

I have a couple different sides to my art. Some of my artwork is playful and clever and allows my creative gears to turn. My other side is definitely more contemplative and meditational. Working on my flowers, for instance, forces me to really focus my attention on my subject and try to convey to the viewer how that flower feels to me..

Evident with my work, bright color makes my world go round! I love to paint just about anything that offers up vivid color and contrast. That’s probably why I am so drawn to painting flowers and sunrises/sunsets. Nature supplies the most amazing palettes of color; they just make me feel so happy!