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Amanda Stavast

Lakewood, Colorado, United States


About the Artist

Amanda Stavast Metcalf was born and raised in Colorado. Her desire to create from an early age led her to obtain a BFA from Colorado State University in 1999. After working in graphic design for a few years she decided to focus her creative energy into mural work and started her own company in 2001. Stavast’s murals can be found in both large-scale corporate and residential settings throughout Colorado’s Front Range and Denver Metro area. While she is still commissioned for mural work, in recent years, she has taken a deep dive into traditional paintings on canvas. The pieces she creates come from a deep emotional space. Luckily, she is not constrained to one particular style of work, and that allows her to explore her creativity boundlessly. Each style of work teaches her something about herself. A floral still life allows her to give in to her urge to be perfect. Landscapes teach her to live in the moment and convey tranquility. Conceptual work allows her to get all of the interesting and creative ideas out of her head. Abstracts force her to let go of all expectations and be free. The compilation of these themes makes Amanda the well-rounded artist she is today.

Amanda lives in the Denver Metro area with her husband and four children. She loves wearing the hats of artist, wife, mother, exercise junkie and margarita lover.

Artist Statement

Since my earliest days, I've harbored an innate desire to create. When words failed me, art emerged as my primary mode of self-expression. Despite earning a degree in graphic design from Colorado State University, my genuine passion lies in painting. Shortly after college, I seamlessly transitioned into mural work, providing a platform for my artistic pursuits. While this allowed me to cultivate my career, there lingered a deep yearning within me for authentic, soulful expression—a necessity as fundamental as water is to a fish.

My art is drawn to vibrant colors, striking contrasts, and captivating textures. My creative spectrum spans various styles, initially focusing on the delicate nature of flowers. Enchanted by their colors, shapes, and the unfolding contrast of their petals, I explored this theme. Growing up in Colorado, the awe-inspiring sunrises and sunsets, framed by the Rocky Mountains or city lights, consistently fueled my inspiration.

Painting flowers and landscapes became my outlet for perfectionism, immortalizing moments and my experiences beneath the ever-changing sky. While graphic design influences my pop art—a playful and clever style where content pieces together like a puzzle, often carrying profound symbolism—I resist the confinement of a single style. My abstract side offers an untethered expression, a release from perfectionism, and a constant evolution with a diverse range of media. This experimental style breathes life into ordinary items, transforming them into extraordinary expressions of interest and beauty. Refusing to be pigeonholed, I cherish the freedom to explore and defy artistic expectations across various forms of expression.


BFA Colorado State University 1999