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Judy Hintz Cox

Oak Island, North Carolina, United States


About the Artist

While living in South America, after serving in the Peace Corps, I started painting. I loved art from an early age and remember going to the Art Institute in Chicago and spending hours sitting in the Mark Rothko room staring at his paintings.

When returning to the USA, after giving birth to two daughters, I returned to school and received a second BA in Studio Arts at the University of Maryland in 1984. I have been painting for more than 40 years and have exhibited extensively throughout the USA, as you will see in my resume.

Artist Statement

2018 Artist Statement

What does it mean to work as an artist? For me, it’s being able to express my feelings on canvas. Sometimes, my emotions spill over from my mind onto the canvas. This is not to say I am always filled with uncontrolled inspiration. I will say my energy level is very high, which is beneficial when working in my studio.

When my emotions are not overflowing, I consciously prepare my pallet, add paint and other media to the canvas, with brushes, palette knives and hands. My momentary journey of creativity includes preparing, applying, viewing, contemplating and completing. Deciding when something is complete is another challenge. Sometimes, I realize the piece is complete even if only half finished.

I believe my most successful paintings are the ones that happen without the weight of my thoughts. While painting, I strive to be detached from my ego. When I succeed, the outcome feels successful.

Two things are important to me in regards to my art. First, not to overwork the piece. And second, to create an emotion for the viewer.


2011 JLP Gallery, Baltimore
2010 Lisa Luby Ryan, Dallas
2009 Woodbourne Collection, Kensington, MD
2008 Mike Weber Fine Art, Washington, DC
2008 White Canvas Gallery, Richmond, VA
2008 Atlantic Art, Annapolis, MD
2007 Studio 24E, Oakland, MD

2011 Cheseapeake Framing Company, Kensington, MD
2010 Cambridge Art Center, Cambridge, MD
2006 Creation Art Gallery, Juno Beach, FL
2004 Malton Galery, Cincinnati

2013 Huff Harrington Gallery, Atlanta
2013 B2 Fine Art, Tacoma, WA
2013 Harrington Brown Gallery, Memphis
2012 Artful Sol Gallery, Vail, CO
2012 Corrigan Gallery, Charleston, SC
2012 Huff Harrington Gallery, Atlanta
2012 Harrington Brown Gallery, Memphis
2012 Oriet's Fine Art, Monkton, MD
2012 Antresian Gallery, Baltimore
2012 Harrington Brown Gallery, Memphis
2011 Corrigan Gallery, Charleston, SC
2011 Gallerie Myrtis Baltimore
2011 Broadhurst Gallery, Pinehurst, NC
2011 Huff Harrington Gallery, Atlanta
2011 B2 Fine Art, Tacoma WA


2009 The Gazette Woodbourn Collection Judy Hintz Cox ShoJen Beasley
2009 House Beautiful Color Personality 3 Sara Scaglione
2009 Design with Judy Hintz Cox Art, Fred Albert
2006 Style Magazine, Homes With Style Featuring Judy Hintz Cox Art, Andrew Noyes