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Nathalie Guarracino

West New York, New Jersey, United States


Artist Statement

The paintings are emotional reactions to a surrounding environment dominated by an ever accelerating rhythm of daily routine preoccupied with multitasking, texting, tweeting, and the like. With reference to the organic and the natural they stand in contrast to the endless distractions of an urban world entertained by technology and stiffened by the geometric, the stylized, the computerized. They evoke an ongoing, mesmerizing state of contemplation and meditation that aims to captivate and hold the viewer in the experience of the moment where one is compelled to ponder and reflect. Their minimal earth-tone palette is issued from surrounding lost details such as the texture of a one inch butterfly wing, a rust stain from a New York City street man-hole, the geological meanders of a rock from the Cevennes Mountains of Southern France. The combination of these different textures, colors, and mark makings captivates my interest. From nature to culture, from the kinetic and gestural to the static and controlled, from the light to the dark, I look to unite by dividing and to harmonize by setting up tensions.