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Nick Hill

Denver, Colorado, United States


About the Artist

Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Colorado 1991
Studio assistant to Christian Marclay 1992
everywhereknowwhere.com 2011
Top Notch Art LLC 2011 - nickbhill.com
Wazee Union 2011 - 2014
Jim Walker's Gallery 2012-2014

Artist Statement

Nick B. Hill
Artist’s Statement

Themes, Content, and Inspiration —
The fundamentals of my creative inspiration and process are “the fundamentals”.
To express the timeless and eternal principles of the human experience. Realizing visually the spiritual
and boundless which touches our universal inner nature. Bringing to full expression and making plain
in physical form these ephemeral yet infinite and repeating principles.
Fertilizing each piece with personal experience and my own life narrative, I seek to relate these
fundamentals and eternals in the medium of my own story. These points of contact provide the
touchstones of inspiration to communicate the more universal and fundamental ideas.
A visualization of the seamless connections is sought in all of these pieces. To capture and express the
seamless connection between consciousness and form, matter and mind. Revealing the images of inner
space and channeling the experience of pure energy or monism.
This work aims to express the transpersonal through the personal.

Media and Process --
I work in oil painting, ink drawing and mixed media collage in two dimensional pieces. Keeping a
multi-layered yet integrated composition are key technical concerns. Particularly in terms of the
painting and mixed media pieces, bold color, layers and intricate surface must bind each piece. In the
black and white ink drawings, the composition must provide this tension while suggesting the layers.
In three dimensions, assemblage pieces are a natural attraction. In these works, each found object
becomes a dream image or psychological symbol in a many faceted rebus. In this way, the objects
work in concert to relate the story.


Walker Gallery 2012
Walker Gallery 2013
Edge Gallery Juried Show 2013
Wazee Union Group Shows 2012 -2013


Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Colorado 1991


Emison Art Center, Depauw University
Wheat Ridge High School

Gallery Representation

Represented by the Jim Walker Gallery, Walker's from 2012-2014