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Tadashi Hayakawa

Parker, Colorado, United States


About the Artist

From early childhood in Japan, I was immersed in the creative field. I grew up with a father who was always at the drawing board designing light fixtures and furniture. When he was young he wanted to become a fine artist—a painter, but was not allowed to pursue his dream because he was the only son. So he passed his dream to me.

At my elementary school, I met a young, passionate and determined artist/teacher, Toshiyuki Tanaka, who eventually became one of the most prominent contemporary artists in Japan. He taught me fine art both at school and at his studio. I recall my enjoyment just being with him and listening to his dream of becoming a great artist. His passion and determination influenced me more than his techniques of drawing, painting and sculpting.

I belonged to the drama group at NHK (Nippon Hoso Kyokai), working professionally as a child actor from 8 to 15 years old. I was trained not to be afraid to express my emotions in life and how to concentrate at an instant. This power of concentration has helped tremendously in the process of my creation.

At age 19, I decided to leave my family and become independent and came to the United States to study art. I first studied at Los Angeles City College and was greatly influenced by art instructor, Nina George, and my marriage to writing student Gina Veldes.

With Nina’s encouragement, I continued studying fine art at the Otis Art Institute where, in 1969, I received an M.F.A. degree.For several years after graduation, I participated in numerous art experiments, gallery exhibitions, and art happenings. But I slowly moved away from fine art to commercial art—from a Bohemian lifestyle to owning my own graphic company and a more materialistic life.

At age 50, I looked deeply into myself and saw the emptiness that stemmed from my disconnection with my talent and vision in the field of fine art. I decided to return home, to the house of fine art, to once again experiment, create, draw, paint… to express myself in the way closest to my heart. At this turning point, I saw clearly that to stay with my work I needed to pay attention to, and focus on, my own creative needs and visions—regardless of outside criteria. I saw that what I needed was to express on canvas who I am and what I care about.

I tried to recapture and develop my visions and searched for images to express them. I rediscovered my most deeply felt experience... the excitement, and power and joy of my daughter’s birth. That experience connected me to the palpable and mysterious act of creation and to the spiritual force behind all creation—behind all living things. At the time of her birth I was completing my M.F.A. thesis and my theme was Birth—the reproduction of all living things.

For over four and a half years, since the beginning of 1992, I have been immersed once again in the world of fine art—experimenting, creating and developing. And as I do this, I am also reclaiming my cultural strengths—awareness of nature, sensitivity to beauty, awareness of the yin/yang principle of life.

From the book “Power of Spirit”, 1996

Artist Statement

As I approach the twilight of my life, the time is getting more and more precious. Experiencing my health going down slowly but steadily, I realized, in early 2006, that I might have only several years to complete what it was meant for me to accomplish in my life.

I started to visit Rocky Mountain National Park often; spending a few days each time in the mountains with my dog, Busu (the ugly one in Japanese). Spending quiet moments in nature and being one with nature are the best ways of becoming "Mu" (nothing in Japanese) – the essence of meditation.

Through meditation, I found what and how I should accomplish in the next several years.
1. I create paintings under the theme "Dreaming of Life in the Heaven", which would be completed by the end of 2010.
2. I would publish the book which contains the record of the process of developing my visions under the theme from the appearance to the essence.
3. I would have a solo-exhibition at a gallery with over 7,000 square feet in Denver, Colorado or Los Angeles, California in 2011.

Both the book and the exhibition are not for my exposure or the recognition, but for the proof to myself that I have had an exciting, meaningful life.

From the introduction of Tadashi Hayakawa's Power of Spirit book.


Selected Solo Exhibitions
2005 “Life in Ocean” 825 Art Gallery, Denver, Colorado
2001 “Joy of Life” Don O’Melveny Gallery, West Hollywood, California
2000 “Garden of Spirit” Don O’Melveny Gallery, West Hollywood, California
1996 “Power of Spirit” Doizaki Gallery, Japanese American Cultural Center, Los Angeles, California

Selected Group Exhibitions
2009 30th International “Peace” Exhibition, Nagasaki Art Museum, Nagasaki, Japan
18th International Art Festival, Manila, Philippines
2008 International Art Exhibition, Union Center Art Museum, Yeveran, Armenia
2007 International Art Exhibition, Pyong Taek Art Museum, Pyong Taek, Korea
27th International “Peace” Exhibition, Nagasaki Art Museum, Nagasaki, Japan
16th International Art Festival, Modern Art Museum of Armenia, Yeveran, Armenia
2006 15th International Art Festival, Doizaki Gallery, Asto Museum of Art,
Modern Art Gallery, Los Angeles, California
27th International “Peace” Exhibition, Nagasaki Art Museum, Nagasaki, Japan
2005 International Art Exhibition, Burapha Museum of Art, Bangkok, Thailand
26th International “Peace” Exhibition, Nagasaki Art Museum, Nagasaki, Japan
3rd Annual Art Exhibition, Asto Museum of Art, Los Angeles, Califonia
International Art Exhibition, Museo del Puerto, Ensenada, Mexico
2004 Two Men Exhibition, 825 Art Gallery, Denver, Colorado
International Art Festival, Pyong Taek Art Museum, Pyong Taek, Korea
25th International “Peace” Exhibition, Nagasaki Art Museum, Nagasaki, Japan
2nd LELA Annual Art Exhibition, Modern Art Gallery, Los Angeles, California
2003 Lantern of the East Art Exhibition, Pyong Taek Art Museum, Pyong Taek,Korea
LELA Inaugural Exhibition, Modern Art Museum, Los Angeles, California
2002 International Art Exhibition, Forest Lawn Art Museum, Glendale, California
International Art Exhibition, Angel Gate Gallery, Los Angeles, California
10th International Art Festival, Doizaki Gallery, Los Angeles, California


1941 Born in Tokyo, Japan
1961 Came to the United States as a foreign student
1964 AA, Los Angeles City College
1967 Selected to Who’s Who among students in American Universities and Colleges
1969 MFA, Otis Art Institute
1971 Became a U.S. citizen