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Anyone who Creates or Owns Art

Out-dated info, misplaced artwork, mysterious provenance – tackle your artwork woes with our new inventory management platform.


In-depth Art Cataloging

Capture the details of each artwork, including images and exhibition history.

  • Artists: Thoroughly record information to create confidence from prospective buyers, but also create measurable statistics for personal reference.
    • + Some subscriptions include a Personal Portfolio Website. Artwork is automatically synced from your Art Catalog.

  • Collectors: Store copies of Certificates of Authenticity, invoices, and appraisals.

Inventory Management

Organize your inventory and quickly sort by important details – like the current location of the art. Never misplace another piece again!

  • Artists: Know the status and location of every artwork – what’s on display, what’s in storage, and what’s already sold. Easily export multi-purpose tags and consignment sheets.

  • Collectors: Sort collections that may span multiple homes or businesses.

Data & Reporting

Discover patterns, trends, and analytics.

  • Artists: Track your personal sales history and production levels, plus see at-a-glance availability and value info.

  • Collectors: Calculate the current retail value of your collection, and make informed decisions for future purchases with research like “cost per inch” data and artist sales history.

Project Management

Create "collection boards" to group artworks together for presentations or wishlists.

  • Artists: Arrange specific art from your portfolio for client presentations, presales, or submitting specific works to galleries.

  • Collectors: Create wishlist to save favorite artworks for future purchase.
    • + Our Art Consulting service uses Collection Boards to offer personalized selections. This can include digital placements to give you an idea of how the art would look like in your space.

E-Commerce Integration

Use Artwork Network’s platform for your sales. Automatically receive emails for every part of the sales process: notification of sale, invoices, and shipping alerts.

  • Artists: Time to replace your old website? Direct potential buyers to your Artwork Network portfolio to collect payment and keep your sales process organized.

  • Collectors: Ready to cull your collection? Easily make your artwork available for purchase.

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